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Adem Ali | 26/03/2020

Please forward to me any good links you have that I may add so others may use.

Association for Physical Education (AfPE) Guidance Document


Coldfall School Mitchell Browning devised weekly lessons week 1 athletics, week 2 football week 3 basketball week 4 cricket click news, click keep active attached docs.

YST Podcast  https://www.youthsporttrust.org/yst-podcast

https://www.yourschoolgames.com/coronavirus-support/ SCHOOL GAMES ACTIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS:-  TopYa!Active app - needs to be downloaded mobiles - type in Invite code 23880. A chance for individuals to record their performances and also send videos of themselves. All vetted and some will be put on.


The London Youth Games are also promoting Move Crew www.ukactivekids.com/movecrew


Athletics: Home Pentathlon http://www.sportshall.org/homepentathlon

Youth Sport Trust StayHomeStayActive links below






Youtube Joe Wicks 9:00 PE WITH JOE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

Youtube Joe Wicks 5 minute workout suitable for younger students

Disney dance-alongs: https://www.thisgirlcan.co.uk/activities/disney-workouts

Home learning Hub: www.twinkl.co.uk

Youtube Cosmic Kids Yoga https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga



Premier league Primary Stars:https://plprimarystars.com/for-families/activity-pack/12-star-challenge-and-football-fun/the-challenges/family-challenges

Cricket for Girls: https://twitter.com/cricketforgirls

Badminton. http://www.badmintonengland.co.uk/beathome


Rugby League: https://www.rugby-league.com/skill_to_play?utm_campaign=39593_RFL_20200325_EML_SkillToPlay2&utm_medium=EML&utm_source=CRM&dm_i=5PCB,UJT,8IH2V,2W6J,1 Video yoursef doing a skill and send to info@skolarsrl.com

YST - Personal Challenges - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX9GnyQdxaf5NUXnlP-PCQ4ssc2tjnRUr

Go Noodle- https://www.gonoodle.com/

10 minute shake up - https://www.nhs.uk/10-minute-shake-up/shake-ups

#ThisIsPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtASj5d2Ryw

Sport England - https://www.sportengland.org/news/how-stay-active-while-youre-home

Haringey Girls Football Academy

Adem Ali

Click news, Click Keep Active, Click docs Attachment in docs


Youtube 30 day Netball Challenge


INCLUSION Iain Mills of Parkside School (Inclusion School – Norfolk)  is delivering a daily video which can be found here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUTi5prYawoEmjPt7PsR77g/ - It involves Sensory Circuits at 9:30am and PE Challenges at 11:45am Monday to Friday.

TOP Sportsability Resources available at https://www.topsportsability.co.uk

Quick Sticks Hockey
Adem Ali | 17/03/2020

Hosted at Fortismere School and their students were exceptional in running the event, organising the recording desk and umpiring.

Eighteen Teams entered of which six schools entered two teams.

Winners were Muswell Hill Runners up Coleridge with Bounds Green 3rd.

Year 8 Boys 7 a side football
Adem Ali | 17/03/2020

A great competition organised by St Thomas More at the Fred Knight Centre.

Results:- 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Greig City, 3rd St Thomas More, 4th Highgate Wood, 5th Park View, 6th Gladesmore, 7th Fortismere, 8th Woodside, 9th Heartlands, 10th Harris Academy Tottenham.

Primary Cross Country Results 27/02/20
Adem Ali | 03/03/2020

Very fortunate to host this event in dry weather. A big thank you to the students from Woodside High who helped to host the event. Just over 250 students started in both races.

Results:- Girls - Individual - 1st Amy Kirk Tethertdown, 2nd Zuri Thum Tetherdown, 3rd Elkie Baker Highgate. Team 1st Highgate, 2nd South Harringay & 3rd Tetherdown. Boys - Individual - 1st Triziano Trinity, 2nd Ben Redland Highgate, 3rd Fraser Bun Highgate. Team - 1st Highgate A, 2nd St Michaels N6 & 3rd Bounds Green.

Full Results in docs

Indoor Athletics at Lea Valley 2020 Years 8,9 &10
Adem Ali | 26/02/2020

Results: Girls Year 8 - !st Highgate, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Gladesmore, 4th Fortismere, 5th Alexandra Park, 6th Hornsey Girls, 7th Park View, *th Woodside, 9th Heartlands. Year 9 - 1st Highgate, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Gladesmore, 4th Alexandra Park, 5th Fortismere, 6th Heartlands, 7th Hornsey Girls, 8th Woodside. Year 10 - 1st Highgate, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Hornsey Girls, 4th Alexandra Park, 5th Woodside, 6th Park View.

Boys- Year 8 - !st Gladesmore, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd St Thomas More, 4th Highgate, 5th Fortismere, 6th Park View, 7th Woodside, 8th Heartlands. Year 9 - !st Gladesmore, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Highgate,4th Alexandra Park, 5th Woodside, 6th Park View, 7th Fortismere, 8th Heartlands. Year 10 - 1st Highgate, 2nd Gladesmore, 3rd alexandra Park, 4th St Thomas More, 5th Fortrismere, 6th Woodside, 7th Heartlands.

year 7 Netball Tournament 25/02/20
Adem Ali | 26/02/2020

Hosted at Highgate School and very fortunate to get a dry day.

  1. Channing
  2. Fortismere
  3. Highgate
  4. Heartlands High
  5. St Thomas More
  6. Hornsey
  7. Alexandra Park
  8. Park View
  9. Gladesmore
  10. Woodside
  11. Highgate Wood


Middlesex Schools Cross Country
Adem Ali | 10/02/2020

Haringey took a team to the annual Middlesex Cross Country Championships at Harrow School on 23rd January.  Despite the hard going on a very muddy course the Borough's young runners performed brilliantly winning the Team Colt Boys and Inter Girls Titles and finishing 2nd in the Minor and Junior Girls races.  Individually Ellie Chadwick (Highgate School) and Spike Blake (Fortismere) won the Minor Girls and Junior Boys titles respectively.  Mimi Blake won a silver in the Senior Girls Race and Isobelle Chadwick bronze in the Inter Girls Race.  A number of Haringey runners will now go on to represent the County at the National Schools XC Championships in Liverpool in March.
Colts Boys (82 Runners):- 4th Ben Bedland, 7th Trizano Wilson, 11th Billy Fudge, 12th Samuel Lindsell, 17th Sam Brown, 21st Max Harrold, 29th Louie Broadway, 44th Kamran Bakshi, 48th Eric Beale, Team: 1st Haringey 72 pts
Minor Girls (79 Runners):- 1st Ellinor Chadwick, 19th Amaya Shankardass, 23rd Lucy Johnson, 25th Mia Cobbold, 26th Elkie Baker, 30th Vita Braden, 36th Flora Begg, 41st Elvie Julian, 48th Josie Hesketh, 49th Caroline Van Soest, 70th isobella Chitham. Team: 1st Richmond 104 pts, 2nd Haringey 137 pts
Junior Boys (75 Runners):- 1st Spike Blake, 56th Adam Davie Shajahan, 62nd Dawoud Neder, 67th Sevim Tair, 69th Aron Woldegiorgis.  Team:- No Haringey Team
Junior Girls (71 Runners):- 4th Lauren Russell, 8th Hattie Munday, 9th Ferera Garance, 14th Isabel Farnasari-Watkins, 21st Lal Ergun, 22nd Matilda Donald, 26th Emilia Farnasari-Watkins, 31st Sophie Gomes, 34th Selin Ergun, 40th Sophie Brennan, Team:- 1st Richmond 39 pts, 2nd Haringey 78 pts
Inter Boys (74 Runners):- 35th Zac Younger, 36th Wil Johnson, 42nd Lucas Maher, 49th Chris Brolin, 57th Max Socker, 64th Monte Watson, 65th Isaac Butler, Team:- 1st Richmond 45 pts, 6th Haringey 283 pts
Inter Girls (57 Runners):- 3rd Isobel Chadwick, 7th Mia Manttan, 8th Alice Metcalf, 15th Maia Hampton-Philips, 17th Jemima Gazzard, 22nd Louisa Staab Team:- 1st Haringey 72 pts
Senior Boys (36 Runners):- No Runners
Senior Girls (16 runners):- 6th Sophia Staab

Adem Ali | 05/02/2020

A big thank you to St Thomas More Students for officaiting all four competitions.

Final:- The top two teams in each heat progressed to the final with Coldfall the eventual winners, 2nd Rhodes Avenue, 3rd Harris Philip Lane, 4th St Mary's CE, 5th Highgate Primary & 6th Coleridge.

Heat 1:- 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd, Highgate Primary, 3rd Highgate, 4th Rokesly, 5th Bounds Green, 6th Crowland, 7th Lea Valley. Heat 2:- 1st Coldfall, 2nd St Mary's CE, 3rd St Gilda's, 4th St Michaels N6, 5th Muswell Hill, 6th North Harringay, 7th Trinity, 8th Brook House, 9th Belmont, 10th Campsbourne. Heat 3:- 1st= Harris Philip Lane & Coleridge, 3rd Harris Coleraine Park, 4th Seven Sisters, 5th St Pauls and All Hallows, 6th Mulberry, 7th South Harringay, 8th Tetherdown, 9th Earlham.


Sports Hall Athletics
Adem Ali | 30/01/2020

Year 7 Girls:- 1st St Thomas More, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Gladesmore, 4th Fortismere, 5th Highgate, 6th Heartlands, 7th Highgate Wood, 8th Channing, 9th Duke's Academy, 10th Woodside, 11th Hornsey Girls.

Year 7 Boys:- 1st St Thomas More, 2nd Fortismere, 3rd Highgate Wood, 4th Alexandra Park, 5th Highgate, 6th Woodside, 7th Gladesmore, 8th Heartlands, 9th Duke's Academy.

Year 8 Girls:- 1st St Thomas More, 2nd Gladesmore, 3rd Fortismere, 4th Alexandra Park, 5th Woodside, 6th= Duke's Academy & Park View, 8th Highgate Wood, 9th Hornsey Girls, 10th Channing, 11th Highgate, 12th Heartlands.

Year 8 Boys:- 1st St Thomas More, 2nd Duke's Academy, 3rd Gladesmore, 4th Woodside, 5th Fortismere, 6th Park View, 7th Highgate Wood, 8th Alexandra Park, 9th Highgate.

indoor Cricket Cricket
Adem Ali | 09/01/2020

U/13 Girls:-1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Highgate, 3rd Fortismere and 4th Highgate Wood. U/15 Girls:- 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Highgate, 3rd Fortismere, 4th St Thomas More, 5th Highgate Wood.

U/13 Boys:- 1st Highgate, 2nd Heartlands, 3rd Fortismere, 4th Alexandra Park, 5th Highgate Wood, 5th St Thomas More. U/15 Boys:- 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Fortismere,3rd Highgate Wood.

Year 9 & 10 Swimming Gala Results
Adem Ali | 09/01/2020

Hosted at Duke's Aldridge

Year 9 Girls:- 1st St Thomas More, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Highgate Wood, 4th Heartlands, 5th Fortismere, 6th= Duke's Aldridge and Park View. Year 10 Girls:- 1st Fortismere, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Hornsey, 4th Heartlands, 5th Highgate Wood 6th Park View.

Year 9 Boys:- 1st Highgate Wood, 2nd Fortismere, 3rd Alexandra Park, 4th St Thomas More, 5th Duke's Aldridge.  Year 10 Boys:- 1st Fortismere, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd St Thomas More, 4th Highgate Wood and 5th Park View.

Year 7 boys seven a side
Adem Ali | 13/11/2019

Results:- 1st St Thomas More, 2nd Highgate Wood, 3rd Alexandra Park, 4th Greig City, 5th Fortismere, 6th Heartlands, 7th Gladesmore & 8th Park View.

KS4 Badminton 2019
Adem Ali | 13/11/2019

Hosted by Duke's Aldridge 8 boys teams and 7 girls teams entered.


Girls 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Duke's Aldridge,3rd Greig City Academy, 4th Fortismere, 5th Heartlands High, 6th Highgate Wood & 7th St Thomas More.

Boys 1st Heartlands High, 2nd Duke's Aldridge, 3rd Alexandra Park, 4th Highgate Wood, 5th= Park View & Greig City Academy, 7th=Fortismere & St Thomas More.

Primary Schools Mixed Tag Rugby 2019
Adem Ali | 13/11/2019

Twenty six teams entered and the quality of play keeps improving each year. This highlights the great work being done in the primary schools.Schools were divided into pools then further pools in the aftrnoon relating to the placing in the morning groups.

Top 5 positions:- 1st Rhodes Avenue A, 2nd St Michael's A N6, 3rd Coldfall, 4th St Michael's B N6 & 5th Muswell Hill.

Full results in docs

Hi 5 Netball
Adem Ali | 17/10/2019

A very good competition with 23 schools competing held at Highgate School.Two pools of eleven plus Chestnuts which gave all schools a minimum of ten games.

All results in docs

POOL A !st Weston Park, 2nd Tetherdown, 3rd Coleridge, 4th Rokesly, 5th Muswell Hill, 6th Highgate Primary, 7th St Aidan's, 8th Lea Valley, 9th North Harringay, 10th Belmont & 11th Our Lady of Muswell.

Pool B 1st Coldfall, 2nd St Ignatius, 3rd Harris Philip Lane, 4th St Mary's CE, 5th st Michael's N6, 6th Rhodes Avenue, 7th Crowland,8th Campsbourne,9th South Harringay, 10th St Paul's and All Hallows &11th Bounds Green.

Chestnuts played some games instead of North Harringay and Rhodes Avenue.

Overall winners:- 1st Coldfall, 2nd Weston Park, 3rd Tetherdown & 4th St Ignatius.

Girls Table Tennis
Adem Ali | 17/10/2019

Hosted by Alexandra Park

U/13 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Highgate Wood, 3rd St Thomas More & 4th Fortismere

U/15 1st St Thomas More & 2nd Alexandra Park

Boys U/13 Table Tennis
Adem Ali | 09/10/2019

Hosted by Alexandra Park with thanks to Mrs Hawkins

1st Fortismere, 2nd St Thomas More, 3rd Highgate Wood, 4th Woodside High & 5th Alexandra Park

Boys Years 9/10 Table Tennis
Adem Ali | 08/10/2019

Hosted at Gladesmore School by Mr Reid.

1st Fortismere, 2nd Harris Academy, 3rd Gladesmore, 4th St Thomas More, 5th Park View, 6th Alexandra Park, 7th Highgate Wood& 8th Woodside High

Year 7/8 Girls Football
Adem Ali | 08/10/2019

A good competition with nine schools entering

1st Fortismere, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Highgate Wood, 4th Greig City Adademy, 5th Park View, 6th Hornsey Girls, 7th Heartlands High, 8th Woodside High & 9th St Thomas More

Cross Country
Adem Ali | 03/10/2019

A great turnout with 600+ runners starting.


Individual: Girls- Primary 1st Kitty Rokesly, 2nd Amy Kirk Tetherdown, 3rd Elkie Baker. Years 7/8 1st Gi Ferreira Highgate, 2nd Lauren Russell Highgate, 3rd Hattie Munday Highgate Wood. Years 9/above 1st Mia Manttan Highgate, 2nd Alice Metcalf Channing, 3rd Isobel Chadwick Highgate. Boys:- Primary 1st Ben Redland Highgate Primary, 2nd Trizano Trinity Academy, 3rd Louie Broadway Highgate Primary Years 7/8 1st David Baah-Okyere St Aloysius, 2nd Alex Mulvihill Latymer, 3rd S Brown Highgate, Years 9/above 1st Spike Blake Fortismere, 2nd Monte Watson Alexandra Park 3rd Terrel Foster Alexandra Park.

Team Results Girls:- Primary 1st Coleridge A, 2nd Tetherdown A, 3rd Coldfall A. Years 7/8 1st Highgate A, 2nd Channing A, 3rd Highgate B, Years 9/above 1st Fortismere, 2nd Channing, 3rd Highgate Wood. Boys:- Primary 1st Coleridge A, 2nd Highgate Primary, 3rd Coldfall A, Years 7/8 1st Alexandra Park, 2nd Gladesmore 3rd Highgate. Years 9/above 1st Highgate Wood, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Gladesmore.

Full Results in docs

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