2008-2009 PESSYP data

2008-2009 PESSYP data

Gabor Papp | 09/12/2009

The 2009 results are good for both Haringey School Sports Partnerships. In 2008 we bettered the national figures in Haringey but this year we have fallen just behind.

The results of the 2009 annual school sports survey are available by clicking the links below. The measurements changed this year with the two headline figures being the number of curriculum minutes achieved (2 hours per week is the expectation) and the percentage of young people achieving 3 hours per week high quality PE & Sport in and around the school setting.

Nationally the curriculum time was 121 minutes with us achieving 115 minutes in Haringey and nationally 51% of young people are taking part in 3 hours PE and School Sport while in Haringey this figure is 44%.

Our targets next year are 120 minutes (2 hours curriculum offer) and 60% of young people to be taking part in 3 hours per week high quality PESS. Check out the data and see how your school shapes up.

Dave Thomas
Vice Principal & PDM Woodside SSP