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6 a side Primary Schools Football Tournament at St Thomas More
Peter Bennett | 05/10/2017

Thirty Boys teams and Twenty Four girls teams entered (over 600 primary school Footballers).

A big thank you to the staff and Students of St Thomas More for organising a brilliant competition.

Girls Competition:- Quarter Finalists - South Harringay, Muswell Hill, Weston Park, Eversley, Rhodes Avenue, St michaels N6, St Mary's CE and Rokesley with Rhodes Avenue winning the final 3 - 0 against Muswell Hill.

Boys Competition:- Quarter Finalists - Muswell Hill, St Pauls and All Hallows, Weston Park, Highgate Primary, Rhodes Avenue, St Michaels N6, St Ignatius and Roksely with Rokesly winning the final 1 - 0 against Muswell Hill.

Cross Country 3rd October 2017
Peter Bennett | 05/10/2017

An amazing entry 702 athletes entered.

Individual girls:- 1st Mia Mattan yr 9 Highgate School, 2nd Lauren Russell yr 7 Highgate School, 3rd Mimi Blake yr 10 Fortismere, 1st primary - Hattie yr 6 South Harringay.

Individual Boys:- 1st Monte Watson yr 9 Alexandra Pk, 2nd Roland Somagyi Yr 10 Highgate Wood, 3rd Eddie Fairhurst yr 10 UCOS. 1st Primary - Manu Wales yr 6 Rhodes Avenue.

Team Result.

Primary Girls - 1st Muswell Hill A, 2nd Highgate School A, 3rd Tetherdown A. Primary Boys - 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd Highgate School, 3rd Tetherdown A.

Secondary Girls - 1st Highgate School, 2nd Fortismere A, 3rd Channing A. Secondary Boys - 1st Fortismere, 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Highgate School.

Full results in docs.


Cross Country 26th September 2017
Peter Bennett | 28/09/2017

First event for the academic year 2017/2018.

An excellent entry with 309 competitors (138 girls and 171 boys)

Individual girls:- 1st Mimi Blake yr 10 Fortismere, 2nd Nell Swinhoe yr 9 Heathside AC, 3rd Matilda Heath yr 9 Highgate Wood, 1st primary runner Ella K-Stevens Muswell Hill. Individual boys:- 1st Monte Watson yr 9 Alexandra Park, 2nd Matyas Sinko yr 10 Heartlands, 3rd Abel yr 8 Gladesmore. !st primary runner Manu Wales yr 6 Rhodes Avenue.

Team Result

Primary Girls:- 1st Muswell Hill 'A', 2nd Rhodes Avenue 'A', 3rd Highgate Primary 'A'. Primary Boys 1st Rhodes Avenue 'A', 2nd Highgate Primary 'A', 3rd Coldfall 'A'.

Secondary Girls:- 1st Fortismere "A", 2nd Highgate Wood "A", 3rd Fortismere "B". Secondary Boys:- 1st Highgate Wood "A", 2nd Alexandra Park, 3rd Heartlands "A".

Full Results attached in docs

Primary Girls Seven a Side Netball
Peter Bennett | 16/06/2017

Hosted by Highgate School on ten netball courts. A great event on a hot sunny day. A very good entry with most schools entering two teams.


Top four placings:- 1st Campsbourne, 2nd Coldfall, 3rd Weston Park & 4th St Michaels N6.

Primary Kwik Cricket
Peter Bennett | 16/06/2017

Two very exciting competitions held in the fantastic grounds of North London & North Middlesex Cricket Grounds. Both competitions were brilliantly umpired by students from Highgate Wood School.

Girls Results:- 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd Muswell Hill, 3rd Campsbourne, 4th Bounds Green, 5th Coleridge, 6th St Mary's CE, 7th St Pauls and All Hallows, 8th St Michaels N6, 9th South Harringay, 10th Our Lady of Muswell, 11th Highgate Primary and 12th Crowland.

Best Team:- 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd Muswell Hill, 3rd St Mary's CE, 4th Bounds Green, 5th Coleridge, 6th Highgate Primary, 7th Coldfall, 8th St Michaels N6, 9th= Campsbourne & Rhodes Avenue B, 11th= North Harringay, South Harringay & Crowland

Year 7 and Year 8 Haringey Schools Swimming Gala
Peter Bennett | 24/04/2017

The yaer 7 and 8 swimming gala was hosted by Northumberland Park School on Monday 24th April for boys and girls.


Year 7 Girls: 1st Fortismere, 2nd Highgate Wood, 3rd Gladesmore, 4th Northumberland Park and 5th St Thomas More

Year 8 Girls: 1st Highgate Wood, 2nd Fortismere, 3rd Gladesmore, 4th Northumberland Park and 5th St Thomas More.

Year 7 Boys: 1stNorthumberland Park, 2nd Fortismere, 3rd Highgate Wood, 4th St Thomas More and 5th Gladesmore.

Year 8 Boys: 1st Highgate Wood, 2nd Northumberland Park, 3rd Fortismere, 4th St Thomas More and 5th Gladesmore.

Primary Schools Tag Rugby League
Peter Bennett | 24/04/2017

The Boys and Girls tag rugby competition organised with the Skolars RFL on Thursday 20th April was a great success. The level of rugby being played by both boys and girls teams gets better each year with very little between the teams.

The competition consisted of two pools for the boys and two pools for the girls, progressing to a further six pools with all teams playing eight matches.

Result: Girls 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd St Michaels N6, 3rd Coleridge, 4th South Harringay, 5th Muswell Hill, 6th Tetherdown, 7th Harris Philip Lane, 8th St Ignatius, 9th St Pauls and All Hallows, 10th Weston Park and 11th St Pauls

Boys 1st Rhodes Avenue, 2nd St Michaels N6, 3rd Coleridge, 4th St Pauls and All Hallows, 5th Muswell Hill, 6th South Harringay, 7th St ignatius, 8th Tetherdown and 9th= Weston Park, Harris Philip Lane and St Pauls.

Secondary Schools Sports Hall Athletics 2017
Peter Bennett | 02/02/2017

The Sports Hall Athletics hosted by Highgate Wood and St Thomas More and their young leaders were extremely successful with the best entry yet for these championships.

Year 7 Girls - 1st St Thomas More 203pts, 2nd Highgate 165pts and 3rd Heartlands 157pts.

Year 7 Boys - 1st St Thomas More 228pts, 2nd Gladesmore 192pts and 3rd Greig City 177pts

Year 8 Girls - 1st St Thomas More 226pts, 2nd Highgate 188pts and 3rd Gladesmore 187pts

Year 8 Boys - 1st St Thomas More 229pts, 2nd Park View 213pts and 3rd Gladesmore 171 pts

Congratulations to St Thomas More who will represent Haringey at the Copperbox arena in the Olympic Park on 22nd February.

Full results in docs


Secondary Schools Badminton
Peter Bennett | 02/02/2017

Alexandra Park dominate the KS3 and KS4 Badminton Championships with victory in all four age groups for boys and girls.

Girls Cricket
Peter Bennett | 19/01/2017

Fortismere prove their domination of girls cricket in haringey winning both the U/13 and U/15 girls indoor cricket festivals.

Heat 1 Primary Schools Athletics 12th jan 2017
Peter Bennett | 16/01/2017

Great to see schools making the first fixture with the poor weather, first snow of the year. The levels of performance keep improving and it is good to see schools are improving their relay baton exchanges.

Rhodes Avenue and St Ignatius RC will now compete in the finals on February 2nd at Heartlands High.

Full results in docs

Secondary Schools Netball League Results
Peter Bennett | 13/01/2017

Year 7 winners Fortismere, 2nd Heartlands and Equal 3rd Highgate Wood and Greig City

Year 8 Winners Fortismere, 2nd Greig City and 3rd Heartlands

Year 9 Winners Greig City, 2nd Fortismere and 3rd Highgate Wood

Seniors Winners Fortismere, 2nd Greig City and 3rd Heartlands

Full League Tables attached in docs

Handball U/15 & U/13
Peter Bennett | 01/12/2016

Fortismere have dominated the handball competitions winnining the U/13, U/15 Girls and the U/!3 boys cometitions with Greig City Academy becoming champions in the U/15 boys.

Primary Boys Table Tennis
Peter Bennett | 14/11/2016

The increase in schools entering table tennis competitions has led to two competitions split east and west with 15 schools competing.

The west competition hosted by Alexandra Park school was won by Muswell Hill, 2nd Highgate, 3rd Coldfall.

The east competition hosted by Gladesmore school was won by St Pauls and All Hallows, 2nd St Ignatius, 3rd Belmont.

Mixed Tag Rugby
Peter Bennett | 11/11/2016

The mixed tag rugby competition was hosted by the Skolars RFL which started and finished in the rain. The referees were excellent offering encouragement to the pupils.

Twenty one teams entered from the primary schools and competed in three separate pools and there was little difference between the schools performances.

The final was between Muswell Hill and Rhodes Avenue with the score 2 - 2 at the end of the game, so a golden try in extra time settled the competition with Rhodes Avenue victorious. The 3rd place team was St Michaels N6 winning the bronze medals with a 3 - 2 victory over St Mary's CE.

Full results attached in docs.

Primary High 5 Netball 18/10/16
Peter Bennett | 18/10/2016

A brilliant competition played in the fantastic facilities at Highgate School.

!8 schools entered and were divided into two pools. The standard of play improves each year. Pool A was won by Campsbourne and Pool B was won by Weston Pk. The semi finals were very close with Coldfall beating Campsbourne and Weston Pk winning in extra time against Tetherdown.The final again went to extra time with Coldfall winning 2 - 1. A terrific result as they were beaten by Weston Pk 5 - 1 in the pool stages. Canmpsbourne won the bronze medals with a 2 -1 victory over Tetherdown.

Full results in docs

Primary Schools 6 a side football 2016
Peter Bennett | 13/10/2016

The finals were held at Woodside High following the excellent competition at St Thomas More where 33 schools competed in both the boys and girls events. Rhodes Avenue won the girls event and Highgate the boys event.

The top teams were invited to compete at Woodside High to find the representatives for Haringey in the school Games at Crystal Palace in March.

Girls Results:- 1st Weston Park 7 pts, 2nd Highgate 4pts, 3rd Rhodes Avenue 4pts and St Gilda's 1 pt.

Boys Results:- 1st Muswell Hill 12pts, 2nd Highgate 7pts, 3rd Rokesly 5pts, 4th coleridge 2pts and Coldfall 1pt.

Full results in docs from woodside and St Thomas More Pools

Cross Country Results October 4th 2016
Peter Bennett | 05/10/2016

A record entry with 298 competitors on a sunny evening on the grassland course at New River over 2.5km.

Larissa Giles Yr 9 North London Collegiate won the girls race, 2nd Mimi Blake Fortismere, 3rd Amani Kohler Highgate. Top Primary 9th Jamie Knight Highgate, 10th Evie Wooton Rhodes Ave, 11th Sophie Games Rhodes Ave. Team Result Secondary Channing A 34pts, 2nd Channing B 133pts 3rd Hornsey 226pts Primary Rhodes Avenue 46pts, 2nd Highgate School 86pts and 3rd Coleridge A 87pts.

Monte Watson Yr 8 Alexandra Park won the boys race, 2nd Roland Somogyi Yr 9 Highgate Wood, 3rd Abel Yr 7 Gladesmore. Top Primary 4th Spike Blake Yr 6 Muswell Hill, 5th Manu Wales Yr 5 Rhodes Ave, 6th Euan Williams Yr 5 Tetherdown. Team Result Secondary 1st Woodside 113pts, 2nd Gladesmore 136pts, 3rd St Thomas More 148. Primary 1st Highgate 72pts, 2nd Tetherdown A 88pts and 3rd Rhodes Avenue A 98 pts

Full results in docs

Cross Country Results 20th sept 2016
Peter Bennett | 27/09/2016

The best ever entry for this event with 270 youngsters competing.

Ellie Gilmore Yr 9 won the girls race from Queenswood, 2nd Millie Asian Yr 7 from JCOSS and 3rd Maia Hampton Philips Yr 7 from Hornsey Girls.Top Primary 4th Evie Wooton Rhodes Ave, 6th Ellie Gilbrick Highgate, 7th Elia Asian Rhodes Ave. Team Result - Primary 1st Rhodes Avenue 28pts, 2nd Highgate School 63pts and 3rd Rhodes Avenue B 67pts. Secondary 1st Hornsey A 126pts, 2nd St Thomas More A 223pts and 3rd Hornsey B 259pts.

Alfie Zac Yr 10 won the boys race from Fortismere, 2nd Bryn Williams Yr 8 from Fortismere and 3rd Lucas Porter Yr 8 Fortismere.Top Primary 5th Spike Blake Muswell Hill, 6th Manu Wales Rhodes Ave, 9th Kimani Noel Park. Team Result - Primary 1st Highgate School A 67pts, 2nd Highgate Primary 81pts and 3rd Muswell Hill A 89pts. Secondary 1st Fortismere A 38pts, 2nd St Thomas More A 46pts and 3rd Gladesmore A 100pts

Full results attached in docs


Haringey Under 11 Netball Tournament
Peter Bennett | 20/06/2016

Hosted by Highgate School with their fantastic facilities and their very experienced umpires. Ten netball courts in action for the competition.

St Martin of Porres proved very worthy winners displaying very good netball skills.

St Martin of Porres
Rhodes Avenue B
Tetherdown A
Coleridge A
Weston Park
Our Lady of Muswell
St Mary's CE
South Haringey
St Michael's B
St Michael's A
St Paul's and All Hallows
Muswell Hill Primary
Tetherdown B
Rhodes Avenue A
Coleridge B
Tetherdown C
North Haringey
Ferry Lane
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